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Community fundraising

Do you have some fundraising to do?
Have you got willing volunteers?
Have you got great snack ideas? 
Do you need a popular site?

Support your community fund raisers and get to Globe for some eat treats...

Saturday 14th April Quoits Association
Sunday 15th April Quoits Association
  21st April Legacy
Sunday 22nd April Quoits Association
  5th May West Soccer Club
  12th May Quoits Association
Sunday 13th May Quoits Association
Saturday 19th May Legacy
  26th May Broken Hill High School

We are more than happy to offer our premises on weekends for you to cook up a sausage sizzle in order to raise some money.  If you are interested in this, call our team member Leelee or Sam on 8087 5382. When you organise and confirm a date your fundraising event will also be promoted as part of our radio advertising.  The trading hours on the weekend are:

Saturday                           8.30am to 2.00pm
Sunday                             9.30am to 2.00pm

Our shoppers are hungry and it's busy on weekends so to maximise your fundraising efforts be prepared to cook up until closing times.

You may want to think about this stuff which has been popular for fundraising groups in the past;

Hire a coffee machine to make coffee and tea
Hire a donut maker
Bake cakes & slices
Cook up a BBQ with onions (mmmmmm nothing attracts hungry people like the smell of cooking onions on the BBQ)
Hire a hotdog machine

Creativity is limitless...